Patients of Dr. Sonia Barbosa

Dear Friends,

Greetings at this most beautiful time of year! I am writing to inform you that I have sold my dental practice. However, this is not a letter of goodbye. Allow me to explain. Another dentist has taken ownership of the practice, but the basic structure of Bloomfield Dental Associates will remain the same. A familiar voice will still answer the phone, assist you with appointments, and guide you through the insurance proceedings. Your cleaning appointments will remain as you have grown accustomed, and for those of you with appointments with me, I will still be there rendering treatment as I always have. For the foreseeable future, little will change.

This transfer of ownership allows me to shed almost all administrative responsibilities associated with running the business. It will also provide me a bit more flexibility to have some time away, especially time to spend with my father and my soon to arrive granddaughter. Long term, this will flow into a smooth transition for me into retirement. Most importantly, it will provide for you a continuity of care that is so lacking in today’s medicine and dentistry.

The owner-dentist and I will work together as a collaborative group, with him bringing in fresh ideas to supplement what is already in place. Most significantly, he will establish a system to provide care in-house for many of the procedures that I chose to refer out.

Before I introduce him, let me say that I liked him from the first time I met him. That has not changed. There is a kindness that he displays when talking among the staff and with me that has been endearing. The respect he has for me, for the practice and staff, and the systems that I have in place let me know that my practice is in good hands. Let me also say that the staff has remained intact and Dr. Costa is still working here as well as our hygienist, Stephanie.

Dr. Dheeren Padhiar grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and completed his high school education at The Hill School in Pottstown, PA. Later, he spent 8 years in Pittsburgh earning both his undergraduate and dental degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Dheeren strongly believes in high quality dentistry and knows the biggest investment is in the latest technologies and continuing education to keep up with the latest trends and treatment modalities. He has taken extensive courses in implant dentistry and other surgical procedures to be able to provide predictable, long-lasting treatment options for patients. When not in the office, Dr. Dheeren can be found exploring Philadelphia’s hiking trails, traveling with his wife Krupa, and working on obtaining his pilot’s license. Dr. Dheeren shares a common philosophy in the manner he practices – to treat each of you as if you were family, with utmost respect, care, and mindfulness. He is excited to build long-term relationships with each of you, and is honored to serve as one of your oral health care providers at Bloomfield Dental. I, too, am excited to work side-by-side with him and maintain that high level of care. As you come in for your next visit, I hope you leave the appointment sharing my sense of comfort and competency exhibited by him, the rest of our amazing staff and providers as well.


With sincere thanks to each of you,

Dr. Sonia Ruiz-Barbosa, DMD

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